Shaheen Bagh – A Graphic Recollection

Shaheen Bagh: A Graphic Recollection is a graphic account of the extraordinary political sit-in led by Muslim women which started on one side of a public thoroughfare in Delhi in... more

Handbook on Community Forest Rights

Over 2022 I worked with research and material by forest rights collectives to visualise aspects of their work. These were produced collaboratively though booklets, posters and... more

Illustrated Features for

Illustrated text features based on lived experiences in Delhi over 2019-23. These focus on the gendered gaze that follows one around the city, disfunctional banks and migrant... more

In the Time of a Tree

In progress (to be published fall 2024) In the Time of Trees is a graphic narrative book that draws from particular ongoing forest rights struggles within India, while also... more

Drawing for Womens Rights

Womens rights organisation SNEHA creates gender training manuals as part of their work with women in Mumbai’s slums. I collaborated with them to create visual aid of... more

Drawing for The

Since 2016 I have been illustrating on a commissions basis for the for political, feminist and science articles. I’ve had the freedom here to visualise and mold my style... more

Khirkee Voice Illustrations

Khirkee Voice is an art project in the form of a community newspaper, the stories are for and by residents or those who are associated with the multicultural urban village of... more

Non-Fiction Comic-Metromorphosis

A first of its kind anthology of graphic non-fiction from India is now out, with my story ‘Metromorphosis’ as one of this set. The anthology is edited by comics artist and... more

Forest Song: A booklet on Chipko

Forest Song is a booklet I’ve written, illustrated and taken photos for. It moves through my journey in Garhwal, Uttarakhand with environmental activists. The story unfolds... more