Khirkee Voice Illustrations

Khirkee Voice is an art project in the form of a community newspaper, the stories are for and by residents or those who are associated with the multicultural urban village of Khirkee, New Delhi. The newspaper is printed in Hindi and English and circulated locally. Through drawings, photos, interviews and articles, Khirkee Voice takes up concerns of urban space, development, racism, gender, multiculturalism, urban farming,  among others.  Here are some of my drawings and comics for this fun yet pertinent newspaper :

(The newspaper is edited by Malini Kochupillai and Mahavir Singh Bisht and is supported by Khoj Artists Association. )

This map projects the ironically vast amount of space consumed by the mall complex which is relatively empty, to that of the densely packed in urban village which only gets increasingly cramped! Khirkee Voice, Issue 2, February 2017.